Sarees which cant go out of fashion


Sarees which cant go out of fashion

29 Aug 2022 | Posted By : Admin

If there is any attire that can never be out of fashion then that is definitely sarees. Be it any wedding festive, festivals or even a cocktail night you can never go wrong with them. Not only it has unique ability to fit into every occasion, but it can be draped in number of ways which makes them different. We can go on and on about this beautiful outfit, but here we will discuss some evergreen verities of sarees which will help you to choose the best according to your taste 



Made in the city of Varanasi ,it involves intricate floral design and are best known for gold and silver Zari work. It comes in lighter as well as darker shades. It is the best choice for wedding functions and receptions



Made in the city of chanderi, MP. It is lighter in weight .Apart from traditional design ,it also has modern geometric if someone is looking for a bit quirky design then chanderi is something you can go with. Also it is a great choice for summer season


This is the silk saree made in the kanchipuram, Tamil nadu. Its border is inspired by temples of south India. The zari work is done in gold. Overall this saree will give you that royal vibes which is why it is wore by every other bride on her wedding day in south India.


Originated in Rajasthan ,it is made from tie and dye technique which gives a unique zig zag pattern to it. Along with that sometimes gotta paati work is also involve to give a final touch to the borders. It is also very light weighted and is best to opt for during festive season esp like teej.


Made with fine muslin textile in Bengal and Bangladesh .This sarees did not received the enough attention that it deserved. It woven on cotton with gold thread. It can be weared in any festivities or its also apt for any official or formal occasion.